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This document describes in detail the features, principle of operation, application, and specifications of the CME FCS-9000 Portable Gas Flowmeter Calibrator, Model Number FCS-8NB.
The CME FCS-9000 links a portable FCS-8NB* gas flow calibrator to a notebook computer. Notebook-resident SURECAL™ software allows quality control personnel to perform high accuracy, on-site calibrations of production flowmeters. Downtime is reduced and manual data collection and reduction is eliminated. The system provides automatic data acquisition and compensates for environmental test conditions, as well as many flowmeter types. Errors from manual calculations, or from interpreting graphs/conversion charts, are eliminated. The Windows-based, easy to use software allows the operator to select engineering units, test points, etc. and to save test setups for later retrieval. The computer accepts manually entered readings, or automatically reads electronic inputs. Audit compliance data can be stored and/or a hard copy of the data may be printed. The system uses a set of Laminar Flow Elements (LFE), absolute and differential pressure transducers, and a temperature probe to reliably and repeatably measure gas flow.
Factory Upgrade Kits are available to convert an existing FCS-8 to the FCS-8NB configuration: consult the factory.
* Notebook computer.
Note: The software can be loaded onto any existing computer. Minimum requirements: IBM compatible Pentium computer and 16 Mbytes of RAM, Windows(r) 9x.
• PCMCIA DAQ card.
• Connecting ribbon cable.
• SURECAL™ software program.
• The FCS-8NB portable calibrator.
• A set of laminar flow elements (LFE's).
• LFE Standards quick connect hoses.
• LFE Test Flowmeter mini-hose/quick connect assemblies.
• Aluminum carrying case.
• Temperature probe.
• The Calibration Due Date is saved in the program. When the recommended calibration is due, the program alerts the operator.
• Seven (7) Test Flowmeter Types can be tested:
• Nozzle
• Turbine
• Orifice
• Thermal mass
• Rotameter
• Laminar flowmeter
• Laminar flow element (STANDARD). The FCS-8NB is equipped with differential pressure ports for DP inputs from the LFE Test Flowmeter
Note: The FCS-9000 can be programmed for use with other flowmeter types- consult the factory.
Six (6 Gases for the which the Test Flowmeter is calibrated can be specified:
• Argon
• Oxygen
• Nitrogen
• Air
• Helium
• Hydrogen
Note: The FCS-9000 can be programmed for other gases- consult the factory.
•The FCS-8NB is equipped with binding posts for Electrical Inputs from the Test Flowmeter. Six (6) Test Flowmeter output types are provided for:
• Sight (manual)
• Frequency
• 0-10 volt
• 0-5 volt
• 4-20 mA
• 0-20 mA
Equipment with a voltage or current output is connected to the Volt/Amp "+/-" terminals.
Equipment with a frequency output is connected to the Frequency "+/-" terminals.
Note: The FCS-9000 can be programmed for use with other output types- consult the factory.
• Four (4) calibrator Test Gases can be used:
• Nitrogen
• Air
• Helium
• Oxygen
Note: The FCS-9000 can be programmed for use with other test gases- consult the factory.
• A choice of eight (8) Flow Units is offered:
• lbm/hr
• gm/min
Note: The FCS-9000 can be programmed for other units of flow measurement- consult the factory.
• A choice of four (4) Temperature Units is offered:
• deg C
• deg K
• deg F
• deg R
• A choice of seven (7) Pressure Units is offered:
• mm Hg
• in. H
• mBar
• in. Hg
• kPa
• cm H
Note: The FCS-9000 can be programmed for other units of pressure measurement- consult the factory.
• The Test Flowmeter Full Scale Flow can be set, or any portion of its range can be tested.
• The Test Flowmeter Calibration Temperature can be specified.
• The Test Flowmeter Calibration Pressure can be specified.
• Auto or User Entered Set Points can be selected. When Auto is selected, the SURECAL™ program automatically divides the chosen flow range into equal increments, based on the number of setpoints entered. When User Entered is selected, the operator specifies the desired set point(s).
• Operator, Model, and Serial Number information may be entered.
• A existing (customer-defined) Test Setup can be run, or a Default Setup can be used. Existing test setups can be copied, modified, and saved for future use.

RUNNING A TEST (The Test Run Screen)
• The following Real Time Information is displayed on the Test Run Screen:
• The Current Setpoint number
• The Gas Temperature
• The Absolute Pressure
• The Standard Serial Number
• The Test Flowmeter Electronic Output
• The Test Flowmeter Setpoint value
• The Standard Number.
• The Set Point Flow and Actual Flow are displayed graphically and digitally.
• All Test Setup information

The following Run Time Controls are available on the Test Run Screen:
• The Band Width Slide Control is used to adjust how closely the setpoint and actual flow rates must match before the In Band Light comes on. (This adjustment has no effect on the calibration accuracy.) The Band Width Setpoint Time Slide Control is used to adjust the time the flow is In Band before the In Band For Time Light comes on.
Note: The In Band and In Band For Time lights are for operator reference only. They are intended to assist in making consistent readings. Readings can be taken at any time, whether the lights are on or off.
• The Take Point button is used to take a reading. Data is acquired automatically or manually.
Note: If the entry is not within the expected range, a pop up window asks if the reading should be reentered.
• Graph Scaling is set automatically, but can be adjusted manually if desired.
• After data is entered, the SURECAL™ program displays the next setpoint, and (when necessary) prompts the operator for a Flow Standard change.
• After the last set point data entry is made, the SURECAL™ program automatically proceeds to the Calibration Results screen.
• The Stop button cancels the test.

The following information is displayed on the screen:
• The Operator , Model # , and S/N (entered during setup).
• The Curve Fit Results: A second order curve of the data is calculated, and the (3) Calibration Constants are displayed. The Curve Fit Equation is used to find a "true/actual" value from an "indicated" flowmeter reading, or vice versa.
• The SEE is the standard estimate of the error, a measure of how well the curve fit matches the data. It is similar to the standard deviation, and can be used for establishing the uncertainty of the flowmeter measurements.
• The Calibration Results Graph, showing the Test Flowmeter Indicated Readings versus the Actual, compensated and corrected, Flow.
• A Hard Copy of the Graph may be obtained.
• The Save Report feature saves the test results to a new file, or appends the results to an existing file.
• A Hard Copy of the Calibration Report may be obtained.
The report lists all of the test setup parameters, the environmental conditions, and the test data. In addition, the deviation and the % of reading deviation of the curve fit from the true flow is tabulated.
• The Quit button allows the operator to quit or to run another test.
The Laminar Flow Element (STD) selection on the FCS-9000 Notebook Computer is used to calculate the LFE's Flow Equation Constants, which are programmed into various CME products (e.g., the Model 60A, the FCS-8).
The Laminar Flow Element (STD) selection returns a DP vs Standard Flow, and calculates the Flow Equation Constants. It differs from the Laminar Flowmeter selection in that the Laminar Flowmeter selection returns an Indicated Vs Actual Flow, and calculates the Curve Fit Equation Constants. Thus, to check the accuracy of a Model 60A, the Laminar Flowmeter selection is used, but to reprogram a Model 60A so the displayed flow is the "true" flow, the Laminar Flow Element (STD) selection is used. (Contact the factory for technical assistance on reprogramming these devices.)
The LFE Test Flowmeter output (DP) is connected to the FCS-8NB LFE UUT HIGH/LOW ports.
When Take Point is clicked, the data is acquired automatically.
The Curve Fit calculates the (3) Flow Equation Constants.
The Calibration Report shows a table of Flow vs Mean DP/ Inlet DP/ Outlet DP.

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